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streetlife serenader

Take this sinking boat, and point it home
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like a moth to a flame, burnt by the fire
My name is Ashley Winter, and I'm a very open-minded person. I'm 16 years young and love to read, write, dance in my room and do anything on the internet. I have an obsession with blogging, facebook, twitter, etc. I live in Ontario, Canada, and am PROUD to be Canadian! :)
My music taste varies... I love everything, really, except for "screamo." My taste ranges from Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Janet Jackson to Michael Buble, Britney Spears, Paramore, etc. I think liking different types of music is a good thing, so I have no problem with learning about new artists, etc
I'm a very sarcastic person, and tend to make a joke out of everything. I'm the type of girl who hangs out with guys more than girls, hates drama and loves hockey. Although I do love makeup, clothes, going to the movies, etc. I correct people's grammar and spelling often, which can be one of my pet peeves and also annoying qualities about me. I write poetry, songs and novels and read too much.
I drink too much coffee, have some dentures, love taking pictures, have two older brothers (25&21), a mom and dad, and a dog named Tigger. I'm ok with my life right now, but some things could be better. I have this thing where I love Winter (not because it's middle name) but I can't wait for Summer. Maybe it's just the fact that there's no school. Either way, I'm pretty undecided about everything